Status: December 2021

1 Scope of application
The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to all legal transactions concluded via the online stores (hereinafter each individually referred to as “Online Shop”). The online store is operated by Really Good Services D.O.O.E.L. (hereinafter referred to as “SALESCORNER.ONE”).

The General Terms and Conditions also apply to all legal transactions concluded within the framework of the dealer program of SALESCORNER.ONE (hereinafter referred to as “Partner Program”). In the Merchant Program, selected independent third-party providers (hereinafter referred to as “Partners”) may offer products and services in their own name and sell them directly to customers via the online stores of SALESCORNER.ONE.

SALESCORNER.ONE reserves the right to amend these GTC at any time. The version of these GTC in force at the time of the order shall apply and may not be unilaterally amended for this order. Any terms and conditions of the customer that conflict with or deviate from these GTC will not be recognized.

The offer of products and services in the online store, explicitly also within the framework of the partner program (hereinafter referred to as “offer”), is directed at a clientele with residence or company headquarters throughout the world.

Deliveries are made exclusively to residential and business addresses.

The Offer is valid as long as the product can be found via the search engine in the online store and/or as long as stocks last.

Orders in non-household quantities may be refused without justification.

2 Information
2.1 Product and price
Images of products in advertising, online store, etc. are for illustrative purposes and are not binding.

All prices are final prices and refer to 1 piece including VAT, but plus shipping costs, unless otherwise stated.

SALESCORNER.ONE and the partners reserve the right to change the prices of the offered products at any time. The price in the online store at the time of the order is decisive for the conclusion of the purchase contract.

If the customer orders from a partner based abroad who is not entered in the Swiss VAT register, the customer, as importer of the products supplied by the partner, shall be liable for Swiss import tax and any customs duties. The customer hereby authorizes and instructs SALESCORNER.ONE (or a third party commissioned by SALESCORNER.ONE to do so) to make the import customs declaration of the products delivered by the partner in Switzerland in the name and on behalf of the customer and to pay the Swiss import duties (import tax and any customs duties). The customer shall pay the expected Swiss import duties in advance to SALESCORNER.ONE together with the purchase price. Any difference to the Swiss import duties actually incurred shall be refunded to the customer. SALESCORNER.ONE shall provide the customer with a notice of import duties in a suitable form or enable its electronic retrieval. The customer must raise any objections regarding the import duty notice within seven (7) working days of receipt or retrievability. After expiry of this period, the customer shall have no recourse against SALESCORNER.ONE for any defects in the import duty notice.

2.2 Availability and delivery time
SALESCORNER.ONE attaches great importance to providing up-to-date and accurate information on availability and delivery times in the online store. However, due to production or delivery bottlenecks in particular, delays in delivery may occur both at SALESCORNER.ONE itself and at partners. All information on availability and delivery times is therefore without guarantee and may change at any time.

3 Conclusion of contract
The presentation of the products in the online store does not constitute a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog. However, this offer is always subject to the contract dissolving condition of an impossibility of delivery or an incorrect price indication. After entering your personal data and by clicking the button ‘Send order’ in the final step of the ordering process, you place a binding order for the goods contained in the shopping cart. The confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after sending the order. The purchase contract is concluded with my delivery confirmation or delivery of the goods.

For products of SALESCORNER.ONE the purchase contract is concluded with SALESCORNER.ONE as soon as the customer places his order in the online store, by phone or by e-mail (hereinafter referred to as “purchase contract”).

For products offered by a partner, the contract is concluded directly between the partner and the customer at the time the order is placed in the online store, by telephone or e-mail. SALESCORNER.ONE merely mediates these purchases. In this case SALESCORNER.ONE is only acting as an intermediary and service provider for the partner, but does not become the contractual partner of the customer. For products offered by a partner domiciled abroad who is not entered in the Swiss VAT register, the purchase contract is concluded for the price stated in the online store in the partner’s currency. The customer must pay in dollars.

The customer can see in the online store and on the invoice who is the supplier and who is the contracting party in the case of a purchase (i.e. SALESCORNER.ONE or a partner).

The arrival of an online order is indicated to the customer by means of an automatically generated order confirmation sent by SALESCORNER.ONE to the e-mail address provided by the customer. Receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation does not constitute a promise that the product can actually be delivered. It merely indicates to the customer that the submitted order has been received by the online store and thus the contract with SALESCORNER.ONE or the retailer has been concluded under the condition that delivery is possible and the price is correct.

4 Delivery date
With the order confirmation, the customer will be informed of a provisional delivery date or the customer will be contacted and an individual delivery date will be agreed upon.

If SALESCORNER.ONE or the partner is in default of delivery, the customer (except for special orders) has the right to withdraw from the contract from the 30th calendar day after the originally announced delivery date. In this case SALESCORNER.ONE will refund the customer any amounts already paid in advance. There are no further claims against SALESCORNER.ONE or the partner.

5 Delivery
For products and services of SALESCORNER.ONE, the customer has all delivery options available, which are noted in the online store under “Delivery”.

Products and services that the customer purchases from a partner can only be delivered to the customer via shipping.

The delivery address of the customer can be anywhere in the world and be easily accessible by truck. If this is not the case, the customer bears the possible additional costs.

If the customer does not accept the ordered products on the agreed or indicated delivery date, SALESCORNER.ONE or the partner can dissolve (cancel) the contract and charge the customer for the incurred delivery costs and any loss in value.

5.1 Partial deliveries
We are entitled to make partial deliveries as far as this is reasonable for you. Additional shipping costs will only be incurred if expressly agreed.

6 Duty of inspection
The customer has to check delivered or immediately for correctness, completeness and delivery damages.

In the case of forwarding deliveries, any delivery damage must be noted on the delivery bill.

Delivery damages, wrong and incomplete deliveries are to be reported to SALESCORNER.ONE, also for all products and services of a partner, within 5 calendar days from the date of delivery. It must be kept in the original packaging as received.

6.1 Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal generally does not exist, neither for sealed or shrink-wrapped goods, even if the packaging has been opened or damaged. A right of withdrawal also does not exist for goods that have been manufactured according to customer specifications or tailored to individual needs of the customer.

If you still insist, you are welcome to send an email, to our support. We ask for exact details, we will then evaluate all the information and send you an answer.


6.2 Consequences of revocation
If the point 6.1 comes into force with you, you have to bear the cost of return if the delivered goods ordered or if you are at a higher price the thing at the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed partial payment. In addition, the shipping costs incurred by us (postage + $1 for packaging materials) will be deducted from the refund.

7 Liability and exclusion of liability
Liability is governed by the applicable legal provisions. However, in no event shall SALESCORNER.ONE or Partner be liable for (i) ordinary negligence, (ii) indirect and consequential damages and lost profits, (iii) unrealized savings, (iv) damages resulting from delay in delivery, and (v) any acts or omissions of SALESCORNER.ONE’s or Partner’s auxiliary personnel, whether contractual or non-contractual.

In addition, SALESCORNER.ONE or its partner disclaims liability in the event of any of the following:

improper, non-contractual or unlawful storage, adjustment or use of the products.
force majeure, in particular damage caused by natural hazards, moisture, falls, impacts, etc., for which SALESCORNER.ONE is not responsible, and official orders.

8 Payment
8.1 Payment options
SALESCORNER.ONE makes all payment claims for products purchased via the online stores of SALESCORNER.ONE directly to the customer. With the conclusion of the sales contract, the partner assigns to SALESCORNER.ONE the entire payment claim that arises within the framework of the sales contract between him and the clientele (assignment). The client acknowledges this assignment and is obliged to make all payments exclusively to SALESCORNER.ONE.

Payments must be made in dollars.

The customer may use the payment options offered in the online store under “Payment options”.

The current payment method fees, which may be charged by SALESCORNER.ONE, can be seen under “Payment Options” and are shown in detail during the order process.

If payment is made by credit card or other instant means of payment, the charge will be made when the order is placed.

8.2 Default of payment
If Customer fails to meet its payment obligations in whole or in part, all outstanding amounts owed by Customer to SALESCORNER.ONE under any title shall become due immediately (in case of prepayment within 8 calendar days after the 1st reminder) and SALESCORNER.ONE may immediately demand payment and stop further deliveries of products to Customer.

SALESCORNER.ONE will charge a handling fee of $5.00 for the 2nd reminder and $20.00 for the 3rd reminder. In case of unsuccessful reminders, the invoice amounts can be assigned to a company charged with the collection. In this case, an additional annual percentage rate of interest of up to 15% may be charged on the invoice amount owed from the due date. The company entrusted with the collection will claim the outstanding amounts in its own name and for its own account and may charge additional processing fees.

8.3 Retention of title
Ordered products remain the property of SALESCORNER.ONE or the partner until full payment has been made to SALESCORNER.ONE. SALESCORNER.ONE or the partner is entitled to make a corresponding entry in the retention of title register. Before transfer of ownership, pledging, transfer of ownership by way of security, processing or transformation is not permitted without the express consent of SALESCORNER.ONE.

9 Further Provisions
9.1 Non-assignable returns
Returns which cannot be assigned to a customer or which cannot be returned to the customer will be kept for six weeks by SALESCORNER.ONE or by the retailer and then, if there is no response from the customer, disposed of at the customer’s expense. The customer will then receive an invoice, which must be paid within 30 days.

9.2 Data protection
For the processing of personal data by SALESCORNER.ONE the privacy policy applies.

9.3 Partial invalidity
Should individual provisions of these GTC be invalid or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and these GTC as a whole.

9.4 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
All legal relations between SALESCORNER.ONE or a partner and the customer are subject to Swiss substantive law. The Vienna Sales Convention is not applicable.

The following exclusive places of jurisdiction apply:

For all claims arising from sales contracts to which SALESCORNER.ONE is a party:
For claims brought by consumers, their place of residence or Liestal (Switzerland) shall be the place of jurisdiction. In all other cases Liestal (Switzerland) is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

For all claims arising from sales contracts in which a merchant domiciled in Switzerland is a party to the contract:
For claims brought by consumers, their domicile or the domicile of the merchant shall be the place of jurisdiction. In all other cases, the domicile of the merchant shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

For all claims arising from sales contracts in which a partner domiciled abroad is a party to the contract:
In all cases, the domicile/registered office of the customer shall always be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

9.5 Copyright notice
All rights, namely copyrights, to these GTC are owned by SALESCORNER.ONE.

Any reproduction, distribution or other use is prohibited and only allowed with the explicit and written consent of SALESCORNER.ONE. In case of a violation of this provision SALESCORNER.ONE reserves the right to take all legal steps.

December 2021